06S Womb // DJ Optical // September ’12

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DJ Optical smashed the Womb last month and gave it some Virus. Japan’s most eminent drum & bass DJ – Aki – debuted his new supergroup ASY. 

Legendary Tokyo club Womb – named after a piece of female anatomy and buried deep within $HIBU¥A’s Maruyama-Cho love hotel district – was subject to a gangbang of beats from the Virus Records boss for the month of September. DJ Aki battered the dance-floor with his new Supergroup ASY – a crack team – comprised of DJ, MC and producer. Aki dropped their new single “See the Lights”, engineered by Shimon of Ram Records and Audio Porn fame, co-produced by Japanese popular-music man STY, featuring Yuuki MC. Watch the crowd go nuts to it:

Will the elite Japanese D&B squad ASY become the musical equivalent of recent Japanese footballer exports such as Miyaichi (Arsenal), Kagawa (Manchester United) and Honda (CSKA Moscow)? More on their single next month, which will be a free download. Talk is cheap. This is what you’re in store for the next time you visit Tokyo:

Optical fancies his chances against death

Where DJ Optical spends time with his extended family

It looks disgusting

 This man probably likes music

Backstage shenanigans in the Womb

DJ Aki is no fucking joke

Aki looks about 18 years old as Optical is loving Japan at the back

She promised she would kiss him if he drank her kiss

crowd at womb shibuya tokyo japan drum n bass night 2012 dj aki

The crowd were quite pleased

Pimp laser

Blowing up the dancefloor

asy womb performance(From left to right) STY and Yuuki MC clash with the masses


Next event DJ Aki’s ASY “See the Lights” single launch party, 3rd November 2012.

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