Amazing rare Dr. Dre track — The Next Level


This was made by Dre and The Neptunes … on a Coors Light commercial. There is a vocal version available with Snoop and Dre on it, but it’s not 100% finished product and clearly never went into full-finish mode; it’s incomplete, which just makes me wonder what could have been. I think it would have been classic. There’s also the sound of some mad-expensive vehicle purring through the track, and at the end its doors open and it sounds like a rocket ship, and Dre just drops some mad line and the track fades out with the SICKEST BASSLINE EVER. That version of the track only exists in welfare YouTube quality and in the same welfare quality on those weird last-gen MP3 sites that nobody uses. The ONLY version with *that* bassline all the way through is this instrumental on this dude’s YouTube channel minus Snoop and Dre’s vox … maybe the guy played the bassline in himself, but I doubt it because it sounds too legit. He won’t respond to my mails. Anyways, I’ll just live in hope of finding a CD quality version of this beeyatch some day:

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