Arsenal FC in Epic Twitter Fail

The football club I lovingly support, who are, according to Forbes, the seventh richest sporting franchise in the world, posted the weirdest thing I have ever seen on Twitter today.

The Arsenal PR staff, taking a break from truncating myriad transfer stories regarding incoming 6’5″+ defenders into 140 characters, were unwittingly tweeting from the wrong Twitter account about their exciting weekend activities at 16:05 on a Monday afternoon. Shouldn’t they have been working? Clearly they have long lunch breaks in Ashburton Grove.

Here is what @arsenal tweeted [click the image a few times to expand it and see the original Tweet in all its glory — I copyrighted the image so those battymen at The Sun won’t steal it then threaten me with legal action for claiming it was mine]:

@arsenal: Me, dressed as Jimmy Savile [sic], at the weekend. Note: costume not worn during house move #nowthennowthen

@arsenal swiftly deleted it to hide the message from their 777,000 followers, and then added the message:

Apologies for our last tweet – it was posted in error. Our account has not been hacked. Normal service has been resumed

Then @arsenal desperately tried to “style it out” with the tweet:

FREE VIDEO: Arsenal squad in action at training camp in Germany

At first I thought it was Arseblogger revealing his appearance, and just as I was about to send him a tweet saying, “So that’s what you look like!” before I realised that this cacophonous tweet was from the club I love.

Just sign a huge, bloody defender that won’t allow welfare opposition to bundle the ball into our net, and I’ll forgive you Arsenal.

Make this multiply!
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