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November 2011; it’s been a good month already

Johnny Massacre’s Tumblr archive shows you what his life is like in the first weeks of November 2011. Fuck Yeah

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Dr. Conrad Murray Guilty of Killing Michael Jackson

Involuntary manslaughter, bitches. Fuck Yeah

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Pretty Ricky Logo

I found this logo while trawling the net for por … erm … stuff? Things. Anyways, it turns out this well-desiged logo comes from a band. It’s pretty terrible, cheesy American hip-hop-cum-R&B. Fuck Yeah

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Kermit, Here You Get, The How Fuck?

What would this conversation be like? Created by illustrator Peter de Sève Fuck Yeah

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Neptunes Are Back … with BEACH CRUISER by FAM-LAY

Chad Hugo-only on this loopy production; a window into the world of the guy who takes a backseat to the perpetually horny Pharrell. Fuck Yeah

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Arsenal FC in Epic Twitter Fail

The football club I lovingly support, and, according to Forbes, the seventh richest sporting franchise in the world, posted the weirdest thing I have ever seen on Twitter today. Fuck Yeah

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Johnny Massacre Pisses Off Solar 7 Grand

Johnny Massacre managed to hurt the feelings of the guy who pushed rapper-legend Guru to an early grave. Fuck Yeah

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Free Snippet of Johnny Massacre’s 1st Album

Since @N3XUZ asked so nicely on Twitter, I am giving this free preview of the last track on my album to whoever reads this. Fuck Yeah

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Johnny Massacre Fan Art October 2010

Some more fan art this month, and damn, I look like an evil cunt in this one. Fuck Yeah

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Johnny Massacre’s Ultrasound Reaches 500,000 Hit Milestone

Johnny Massacre’s Ultrasound single has reached half-a-million hits on YouTube. He reveals what he’s going to do next inside. Fuck Yeah

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