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SEGA x Galaxxxy pennyboards

SEGA penny boards by Galaxxxy

Super rare… Fuck Yeah

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Best Arsenal Blog Comment Ever

Found this on — worth a fucking read like if you’re a gooner. Fuck Yeah

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November 2011; it’s been a good month already

Johnny Massacre’s Tumblr archive shows you what his life is like in the first weeks of November 2011. Fuck Yeah

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The World’s Smallest Poppy

Weirdest war commemoration poppy ever

Okay so I was watching my football team rape Chelsea today, and considering it’s the anniversary of The War and all that, mans is wearing poppies, innit. But what the fuck is this micro poppy on Chelsea manager Villas Boas??? Fuck Yeah

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Arsenal FC in Epic Twitter Fail

The football club I lovingly support, and, according to Forbes, the seventh richest sporting franchise in the world, posted the weirdest thing I have ever seen on Twitter today. Fuck Yeah

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