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Out of nowhere, like a piano falling on your head in a quiet street, Valve drop back in the scene after a more than a year absence, with a free new single, a remix of a CLASSIC track, a lush website and all their future plans laid bare.

It’s been depressing without Dillinja and Lemon D. Since they’ve been away, the world has seen the genre known as dubstep splinter into viral internet meme-music – reformulated drum & bass at a slower tempo that the mainstream can swallow. Aside from some select moments of genius, dubstep music is currently approaching over-saturation, a bit like the rave scene when it was hit by clones of The Prodigy’s Charly back in the early ’90s. There is a dubstep remix of anything you care to mention … the music is a far cry from the real and raw ideals that certain underground drum & bass producers claimed they prided themselves on. And what of the D&B scene that turned dubstep into what it is today? Well, the fact that most of the drum & bass producers started making dubstep tells you all you need to know about its health. A scene built on vinyl saw its producers looking for a new tempo; a new gimmick.

Back to Valve Recordings. There have been gifted drum & bass producers since Dillinja started bossing it – DJ Fresh, Pendulum and Total Science all helped to redefine what was possible in the genre, and then of course there was Noisia. But no one could smash it like Dillinja – a producer that distorted the fuck out of his own records to levels that obsessive producers wouldn’t dare. Even though TC was signed to Dillinja’s Valve label, and left it acrimoniously armed with part of the formula for Dillinja’s sound, the scene still pined for that passion evident in masterpieces like “Cybotron” LP. And now, Valve’s website has relaunched – looking lovely – spearheaded by a free track by the man himself called “So Hard”. The website also has a link to send Dillinja and Lemon D (or K-aze, as he is now known) your tracks, as well a music shop where you can download WAVs. Yes – WAVs. Valve has to be one of the only digital labels doing that, and it makes total sense. Perfectionists don’t make legendary tracks for nothing.

The website states:

With the launch of the new website and online store the next five 12′  releases will be coloured vinyl in individually numbered collector’s edition hand stenciled sleeves. Copies will be limited with a free digital release with online purchase.

Other information includes profiles of new Valve artists C*R*S*T [Chesus, Raj Clart, St. Rowdy and Tony Blitz – four producers from South Wales], as well as the beef on K-aze … the artist formerly known as Lemon D, and his new project. C*R*S*T produce classic-sounding garage with a 2012 twist, which signifies the diversification of Valve Recordings.

Perhaps most exciting of all, is the snippet of info that Dillinja is working on a remix to “HARD NOIZE” – possibly the track that sums up the man’s sound better than any other.

Is this a return to the golden days of Valve sound, with a futuristic upgrade? The only way to find out is to visit www.vlvmusic.com and find out for yourself. Members get access to the special members are, where they can download “So Hard” and also “Turn For Me” by C*R*S*T. Here’s a preview:
DILLINJA – SO HARD by ValveRecordings

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