Download £OHNN¥ MASSACRE’s first TWiN VULCAN mix below, containing drum & bass, 90s gangsta rap and a few Beatles and MJ cuts.

Maniacity Nano-Mix

Download the clit-teasing nano-mix of Johnny Massacre’s quite probably illegal debut album Maniacity below.

All guitars by Trash Gordon for Scant Regard.

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  • Haohao

  • Shocky

    How much longer til the album drops? ive been checking daily since the 6th

  • Very soon! I know it’s forever delayed. Artwork all done. Mastering all done. 2 remixes all done. Just waiting on the third and final remix from a top producer to come through in order to master the remixes. If he doesn’t pitch up by Sunday I’m all systems go this month, so July very likely indeed.

  • Shocky

    Thank You Sir. I’ll be watching and waiting daily until then.

  • layne

    dude, your music is really awsome. ultrasound is a masterpiece and now listening to your maniacity mix makes me want to get the album even more! btw, i kinda thought if otomo’s domu will ever be made into a movie, i hope the soundtrack to it will sound like this.
    btw. i just finished creating a ‘remix-cover-whatever’ of ultrasound in german with the instrumental you posted on youtube. the least amount of fuck will be given… and i can finally fly through space… it’s going to be fucked up.