Gold, Silver, Steel Black & Crystal Sony PS4 Dual Shock Controllers Nearing Release in Japan

Steel black, gold, silver and crystal dual shock controllers released by Sony in 2015

A limited number of the gold, silver and black will be available on November 6 and the crystal variant will launch on December 3.

SCEE gets the gold and silver, while steel black and crystal are unconfirmed.

They’re all coming to Japan though, recently announced at the Tokyo Games Show 2015.

All can be purchased through here for $61.99, with all available for pre-order except the crystal variant.

Sony PS4 dual shock gold, silver, steel grey and crystal for sale on

According to Play Asia they feature upgraded mechanics too, so we can probably assume all Dual Shocks irrespective of colour will feature the same upgrade shortly:

“Incorporating the new and highly sensitive six-axis sensor, a share button, as well as the centerpiece of a touch pad, interaction and gameplay has now stepped up alongside the technological advances of Sony’s flagship console.

A special feature is the dimmable lightbar, which once was thought to be a hinderance, but only because Sony could not reveal it’s true purpose at the time of launch – in fact it is a prerequiste for virtual reality tracking with the upcoming PlayStation VR.

As well, the 1/4 inch headphone jack situated on the center bottom of the Dual Shock 4 works with any standard set of headphones – you can use any on market headphone with an audio in function to chat online while you play!”

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