Heavy D dies aged 44

Heavy D died :'(

According to DJ Premier’s Twitter, Heavy D is dead.

The God DJ Primo dropped the news on November 8 2011:

I cannot believe what I’m hearing about HEAVY D just Died!

“Salt-N-Pepa, Heavy D up in the limousine”

-The Notorious B.I.G

Leave your respects and thoughts about the absolute PIONEER that was Heavy D in the comments below; a man who inspired the greats in our industry.

We love you Heavy D. R.I.P

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  • Bunniewhite369

    If this is indeed true, my heart goes out to his family and his loved ones and know that he will be missed greatly by a multitude of followers. He was very talented and well loved as an artist is both music and on the screen. May God Bless his soul and God Bless his family!

  • He inspired my hero the Notorious BIG. This guy was one of the first big playboys to pave the way. Miss ya big guy.

  • Mrlee31312003

    while MR HARVY D was bad i all ways love when he dance lord take the good ones we never noes how next love you and i still going play those jam man

  • don airy

    good night , HEAVY ……….