Japanese Hip Hop Gets Good

Let’s not fuck around now, Japanese hip hop is terrible.

Having lived out in Japan for two years; there simply isn’t enough dynamic urban depression to inspire the Japanese to write something meaningful.

The groups that are classified as hip hop are actually straight-up pop acts, nothing even remotely like “real hip hop” [DJ Premier].

But this has changed.

Teriyaki Boyz, while not gangster or ghetto, make a truly interesting fusion of Japanese and broken English on their latest album Serious Japanese [2009], with beats from The Neptunes, Kanye West and Mark Ronson.

Support Teriyaki Boyz:

Fast & Furious, produced by The Neptunes

Soundtrack to The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift:

Work That feat. Chris Brown, produced by The Neptunes

This video shows how different the concept of ass is in Japan:

Serious Japanese, produced by Mark Ronson

Behold the Mark Ronson masterpiece:

Teriya-King produced by Kanye West

Do the Teriyaki Boyz quote Arnold Schwarzenegger at 03:25? We fucking hope so:

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