Johnny Massacre Epic Fan-Art Blowout 2011

Christmas comes early when you worship the twin Gods of fire. Get ready for mango-loads of Johnny Massacre fan art.

This shit is long overdue. I’m always flattered by how intelligent and talented all my fans are.

The first piece is by Luna (Ashley) Hoffman, and I just love the way I look like the cover art to a low-budget 16-bit Japanese Street Fighter clone:

The next one was designed by my No. 1 fan Priscilla Adams and drawn by Lili Wing. They got my Rane TTM 56 mixer in there, my DJ Q-Bert scratch needles and even my cot-damn cat Zippeh:

Johnny "Bloody" Massacre

Putting the Turbo in Twin Vulcan, felipelisboa on drew this damn amazing picture of me. I just love it when people draw on school books. What else is school for, other than doodling and daydreaming while some insufferable wally is spouting nonsense for 30 mins+? If the teacher asks what you are doing, tell them Johnny Massacre told you to do it:

Then we have this by Miss-A-Freak:

And what about this by DefectiveFal?:

Next we have a very pissed off me by HavocLochdown (this is very accurate, and has that British pissed-offness to it):

I like this one by XxDarkKittenXx (I look kinda sad, thanks, no really):

And check THIS shit out by xxxMrsToddxxx. Am I really that handsome? I … I guess I am!

This is by xxxMrsToddxxx and apparently this is my “epic raep face”. I know it well!

Now we’re getting nerdtacular courtesy of Freakatude with a stunning effort:

If you ever wondered what I look like as a Simpsons character, XDeadlyxVampireX did a great rendition. I also like the way it looks like it’s drawn on a school note pad, clearly demonstrating how I give kids something useful to do in school (and I love the comment on his page regarding how my debut single Ultrasound is “still scarier than hobo rape” … what is it with all the rape?):

Here’s a cute one by MsKristopher:

This one is dope as hell. Sirsnapsalot used a line from my debut single Ultrasound and turned it into a comic with Thundercat-style characters:

Check out the awesome detail by Sailor-Leeches, with me in a prison cell and loads of dope skull & crossbones, complete with song lyrics:

You have to love a picture of me with blood dripping out of my mouth, thanks to EnlightenMehDed. Why do people keep drawing me as a vampire? They’re going to blow my cover…

This character, drawn by HollyBerryBomb, was heavily inspired by me, he says. I love that he, “hates silence”, is “socially angered (understatement)” and has skills in “harmful sound waves”:

Retardhuntard was on a downer, and said even though he was down he would never give up. This is what my music is really all about:

Thanks to everyone who drew this stuff inspired by my music or my music video created by Peab0.

You guys and gals douse my dreams with gasoline.

Sorry it took so long to hook this up but, while having manic highs has its benefits, the other side of the coin is decidedly darker.

Keep it London. Keep it Tokyo. Keep it NY. Keep it LA. Keep it Taipei.

Make this multiply!
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