Johnny Massacre Pisses Off Solar 7 Grand

Hip Hop's Clown -- Solar

Johnny Massacre managed to hurt the feelings of the guy who pushed rapper-legend Guru to an early grave.

In case you didn’t know, Guru was a rapper who worked closely with arguably the greatest hip-hop producer of all time DJ Premier, under the guise of Gang Starr, who left a legacy in hip-hop felt by many.

DJ Premier helped break the careers of Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Jay-Z, Big L and countless legendary rappers:

Nas & DJ Premier

Now, when DJ Premier and Guru stopped working together, Guru became brainwashed by a producer called Solar. Guru had become an alcoholic, and Solar saw his weakness and took him under his dark wing. It’s common knowledge that when Guru was on his death bed, dying of cancer, Solar impersonated Guru on Twitter, trying to score with his groupies and cut business deals without his partner’s consent. Even Guru’s own blood family — his nephew — made a YouTube video saying how Solar had shut off all visits to Guru and was denying his own family access to him in hospital:

There are also multiple claims of physical abuse of Guru by Solar.

Solar is hated so deeply within the hip-hop community, that his Twitter was hacked by digital vigilantes, along with his Facebook, to expose his disgusting fraud and trickery relating to the health of his business partner.

Even a website was launched named leaking all of Solar’s hacked emails, which further exposed his exploitation of a terminally ill Guru for his own profit. Hell, even impersonated a groupie and got Solar to email them a picture of his small PENIS [it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true]. featured countless interviews of ex-employees all calling out Solar regarding how much of a fraud, and morally bankrupt man he was.

It doesn’t stop there … there are even FUCK SOLAR T-Shirts available to buy online:

Fuck Solar T-Shirt

I recently noticed that had been shut down. Solar sent various abusive emails to claiming he was going to send his legal team after them, full of typos and in the classic brain-dead Solar style, speaking about slander (which is in fact impossible, it would be libel because it was written).

Now, somehow the free-falling Solar sent me a spam YouTube message demanding me and everyone else on his mailing list to view his latest “Gangstarr” video. The same channel with the DEAD Guru on it that he is still exploiting. This made me crazy, because Guru is a legend, and so is DJ Premier, and I have mad respect for those two artists. This total and utter fraud Solar is using the Gang Starr name but with no space — Gangstarr — trying to profiteer off Guru and DJ Premier’s amazing legacies.

On all of these Guru videos on Solar’s YouTube and FaceBook, comments are moderated. Anybody who tries to run this kind of YouTube dictatorship obviously has something to hide.

So, I did what any self respecting Massacrist would do … I bombed Solar’s YouTube wall with truth — saying how he contributed to Guru’s death (hunt down the emaciated photos of Guru dying of cancer and being forced to go on tour by Solar on the internet) and basically saying how DJ Premier and Guru are TOTAL LEGENDS … and FUCK SOLAR.

Now, the hilarious thing is, I got a message back from a hardly used YouTube account with a picture of a hot chick. It was clearly Solar who created an account to defend himself! You can tell by the wording of it, it’s the same as in Solar’s emails that were exposed online; poorly written and full of exclamation marks. Solar was very upset, because I obviously hit a raw nerve with the truth I dropped on his wall. People only get defensive when they’ve got something to hide, otherwise, why would they care?

DJ Premier is arguably the most respected face in the whole of hip hop. I have NEVER heard ANYBODY cuss him out … ever. I hear producers like Timbaland and NERD getting flamed for selling out, but not Primo. So check out this message which is blatantly from Solar, dissing the living legend DJ Premier and me under the alias of Nise721:

First Your beats and you fucking suck Cock!! second You have no tlaent! Third Did i say your a loser who will never get a women oohh and you suck preimiers Shiity dick!! Faggot Guru would spit in your face!! Gangstarr is not you its Guru and Solar!! Solar performed Gangstarr songs all over the world!! And fucked dope gangstarr groupies. Check the pics faggot loser!!

It’s clear — if you ever want to piss off Solar, just mention how great DJ Premier is and he always reacts like this. It’s ludicrous that he says he performed “Gangstarr” tracks all over the world. Gang Starr released seven albums, six of them classics, nothing to do with Solar.

Here is something else Solar wrote on my channel under the guise of his fake account:

You Suck DJ Premiers Shiity Dick!! And Your music sucks!! You have not Talent and will never get a girl. I am blasting this and the picture of u sucking dj premiers dick all over the internet. have a nice day Faggot!!

This is a grown man, probably in his mid-40s, who goes to the lengths of setting up fake accounts of hot chicks to justify his sexuality to anonymous trolls. You just couldn’t make it up — it sets a new low for male integrity. It all really adds up now. This man doesn’t have the wit or intelligence to even cover his tracks or hide his bottom-feeding trail. So, just imagine what this coward did to Guru towards the end of his life.

It’s weird. I still listen to Guru and worship DJ Premier, and now a guy that was very close to Guru (for all the wrong reasons) has thrown a bit of venom my way … it makes me think of the final years of Guru’s life, and what the great man went through.

Whatever the case, it’s nice to know that my debut single has the same amount of total views as every video on Solar 7 Grand’s YouTube channel — good triumphs over evil in the end. And, the real Guru videos total 10,000,000+ views, so whatever Solar does to try to tarnish or hijack Gang Starr’s legacy, the fans know the truth and show that with their clicks.

I will leave you with a video of Guru’s finest track in my opinion, produced with the legend that is DJ Premier. Love you Guru, Rest In Peace.

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  • Clint Smith

    I am so glad you posted this. Solar needed to be exposed for what he really is. And the fake YouTube account is priceless. Such a lame attempt for someone who knows that they are pretty much done.

  • Hugostrange

    Peace brother, thanks for this post! Solar just makes me sick and I wud love to talk to this guy like you had the chance! I have been a gangster head since I was fucking 10 years old, so watever this dumb motherfucker says, the real fans will always know the truth of this piece if shit! “everyone must meet their moment of truth” peace

  • Hugostrange

    Gang starr head, fuckiPhone! Haha

  • I hear you Hugo Strange: This guy is a fucking disgrace.

    Imagine you were DYING in a hospital bed, and were being controlled by a man you signed your life away too when you were weak. He didn’t let any family in to come and see you. And he started releasing statements pretending to be you on Twitter and online, and was CONTROLLING your dying words. Telling people like DJ Premier who you built your whole career with that you don’t give a fuck about him.

    I can’t think of a worse death, even by torture, than having someone control your last words on this Earth, and trying to set you against everyone you knew in your final hour. That is beyond disgusting.

    And if there is one thing more pathetic than actually having no women in your life, it’s MAKING AN ACCOUNT OF A WOMAN TO PRETEND TO SOMEONE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW that you have chicks.

    RIP Guru.

  • washington

    I miss Most entertaining site on the internet for a minute. Some of the pranks they pulled on Hoe-lar were freaking hilarious. The thing that keeps me smiling on most days though is knowing that Mosher is probably having a hard time scraping together some pennies for a can of SpaghettiOs.

  • DJunior

    I got the exact same thing today, only from the official “7Grand records” account they/it/he uses on youtube. ive posted what happened on DJ Premier Blog just to try to beat the motherfucker down the hole hes trying to climb out of. BOMB THE 7Grand records videos on youtube with hate people!
    NEVER let this utterly retarded person think for a second anyone forgot what he did!

    Response I got:
    Coward pubilicst!!We know who and where you are.
    The hate is over people are buying the Albums and posting the love!! There is only a few of you and Solar and Guru got millions of fans.YOU LOSE!! Our peeps wiil be seeing you soon.”

    “The hate is over” DONT LET HIM THINK THAT!

  • eltopo
  • eltopo

    Solar aliases are really easy to spot. They are the only ones that praise Solar, and the accounts have all been created within the last few months. Also, they have very little other activity, except for trying to convince people that Stupid-Producer micro-dick is a genius.

    some more:

  • Jimm

    take a look at 7grandsrecords on youtube, everybody is showin love nobody knows the truth!
    everybody that reads this at me on youtube! xsimplyuniqeu
    send me a msg you know me from this site, we will expose this fake Solar guy
    Guru rest in peace we all love you!
    peace from Amsterdam

  • The reason everyone is showing love is because Solar deletes all the hundreds of negative comments within seconds. Diss track coming shortly. War.

  • Gary

    Hey all, I have received a bunch of emails from Solar. Some are death threats, some include him “suing me for 10 million dolllars”. Johnny Massacre, keep doin’ what you’re doin’, man. This guy is an egomaniacal, low-life scumbag and he doesn’t fucking quit! He has reached me from all types of handles such as: 7grandrecords, davisjudyjudy, theoneandonlysha, donthurtthemmary, fuforreal, Nise721 and many others. FUCK SOLAR!

  • Solar Eclipse

    Honestly Gary, it’s all just words. This guy is a coward and a bully who preys on the weak (Guru; cancer), and hides behind his idle threats. In reality, his days are numbered. Nobody credible in hip hop would ever work with this guy. He’s a middle-aged man clawing at the shreds of Gang Starr’s legacy, acting like a whiney 11-year old who didn’t get his ice cream. Don’t pay attention to anything that desperate laughing stock tells you.

  • Jimm

    he also said he would sue me for 10 million dollars and dead threats
    i told him 2 come 2 amsterdam and i will fuck m up

  • Jimm

    are u garymets on youtube?
    cause we talked about solar on youtube

  • Jimm

    Quick Update on this Solar guy.
    look at the comments of the Video, every comment is from Solar using a Different Account!
    Im exposing this Guy, every hiphophead in Amsterdam now knows who Solar is.

  • gary

    yes sir, that’s me! This guy has sent me death threats, etc. Fuck him!

  • gary

    Truer words have never been spoken. We all appreciate and know the truth. This bitch has the balls to email me, rather than fade into obscurity like the chump he truly is. The real crime is this punk bitch didn’t face any jail time for fraud or libel. There is a paper trail we’ve all been following since April 2010 that cannot be denied. Worse yet, he is still running his mouth, talking about DJ Premier killed Big L, also calling him gay and even saying he beat up Guru. Truth is, the latter 2 accusations were things attached to Solar himself. This guy doesn’t know when to quit. I want to beat his ass like nobody I’ve ever known.

  • Jimm

    haha, im xsimplyuniqeu.
    im working on this new fuck solar thing remember?
    3 days and its ready to launch 🙂

  • Jimm – what’s the url? I’m will to assist as well. Have all the old leaked emails and photos too. 🙂

  • FuckSolar

    I remember that on my old myspace account I wrote on GURUs wall but of course it was restricted and comments had to be approved before published so I wrote something similar to this “GURU and Premier, GangStarr forever, when will you join forces again?” and for writing that I got a personal response from GURU to my myspace inbox where it said something like “Now what’s the sense in that, GangStarr is dead, you don’t seem to know what hip hop is” and so forth, just a plain insult to a fan, GURU would NEVER insult a fan like that, this just proves how much control that motherfucker “which name is not even worth mentioning” had over GURU.

  • Machine

    I did the exact same thing as you:

    He sent me a link to his videos on YT, I bombed his videos and channel with true comments. Soon, I had hate mail from an obviously fake account of some chick along the same lines: “Solar is the best you suck dick” yada yada…

    Then…and here’s the kicker…I get messages from the official 7GrandRecords YouTube channel cussing me out and threatening me. I still have this shit in my inbox. Motherfucker is childish.

    Anyway, I posted that shit to (this was back in June ’11) and the very next day, the site was shut down by the police.

  • JHP

    wow. I just posted several paragraphs about my personal experience with Solar and Guru, the last time I visited him in July 2006(7?) to celebrate both of our birthdays, I am dissapointed, as my writing did not post, and cannot re-write it word for word, but I will say that I was SHOCKED and sickened by what I witnessed. Solar berated, verbally abused and shut down anything Guru had to say. From what he ordered at the resteraunt, to any interjections he had during our conversations, even the way he carried himself- Solar was like an vicious army drill seargent, in fact the only comparison that comes to mind regarding solars demeanor toward Ru was that of an abusive man toward his girlfriend. When Guru was pulled over on our way into the city, and recieved a speeding ticket, Solar was out of control, calling Guru a punk bitch- berating him, screaming at him, so much so that I finally asked Solar to calm down- at which point Guru basically told me that it WAS his fault & he had fuc%ed up. They brought me to their underground studio to play some of the “hood dreaming” tracks they had been working on, and as soon as we arrived, ru and I went into the studio, and Solar went into the hall to “smoke”. I assumed he was talking about weed, but the overwhelming smell of CRACK led me to believe otherwise. ( I have nothing to gain by lying.) This along with the fact that I witnessed Solar pop an extacy about every hour on the hour, washing it down with the corona that never left his grip. Guru did not partake in any of this, in fact I think he may have had ONE corona in the four day period I was there. Solar DOMINATED every “conversation” we had, making sure there was NO opportunity for it to be only ru and I alone in an almost paranoid manner. Anything Guru had to say that did not have to do with the “7grand” movement/science was quickly shut down or scoffed at, and I began to feel like this was a “cult-like” situation, and that part of the reason for my visit was to become “converted”. I began to sense Solars displeasure with me, as I am very independant and strong headed woman, and DARED to question certain things I was being told, and the demeanor in which Solar was speaking to Guru. It wasnt until solar left at night and a few times during the afternoon to go visit his “babymama”, that I was able to once again be in Gurus company. The genuine guru that I had first met. The calm, kind, relaxed, funny, great converstionalist I initially became friends with. I was still upset though, becaused I sensed that there was so uch more he wanted to share/talk to me about, but feared doing as if Solar would walk in or somehow had the placed tapped. (this sounds extreme, but it was just that real.) After leaving, We (guru & I) had several more phone conversations, although I was told by solar that I was to call HIS phone to speak with Guru. The last conversation we had, Guru was upset & nearly crying out of frustration with his situation/relationship with solar, and I expressed how frustrating and PAINFUL it was for me to be witness to the way he was being treated. I Questioned how such a well respected ICON in the hip-hop world could allow himself to be dominated/abused by someone who nobody had even heard of. I made the mistake of being honest with Solar when he had called me questioning the nature of my convo with Guru, once again expressing my discomfort with the whole situation, and questioning his treatment of my friend. This was my last conversation with both of them, and I can only be left to assume he “forbade” Guru to have any further contact with me. It still breaks my heart, because I feel that had I bit my tounge, my friendship with this dear man (guru) would not have been cut short, and I’m pretty sure Guru had VERY FEW people he was “allowed” to remain in contact with. To this day, I am INFURIATED with what happened during Gurus final days, the complete control SUCKERproducer solar had, and the lack of justice that has yet to be served to this criminal. Something needs to be done to this man. One can hope -at the very least- that Street justice will be served, as the government is famous for leaving these cases unresolved….and when that happens, Im sure SUCKERPRODUCER will be quite comfortable in HELL, as he is a DEVIL here on earth. Thanks for reading, and R.I.P my dear friend….. PEACE