Johnny Massacre Wields Bass Like Thor’s Hammer

Click the picture to get a taster of what Johnny Massacre is like during his DJ sets.

Sound engineers hate Johnny Massacre. Giving him control of a club sound system is like giving him a Ferrari and watching him do donuts through cactus patches and over cows:

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  • Japanthony

    what’s the name of the track mate?

  • It’s Rakim – It’s Been A Long Time [DJ Premier – Original Version].

    Rakim sucks on it, most overrated MC of all time whose work never stood the test of time but meant so much to those of that generation.

  • WOW! I heard a song by you yesterday… Your pure energy and no BS lyrics… ROCK!

    I already bought your album on itunes!!! I’m an artist in the states and I absolutely CANT WAIT to listen to your music while I paint later…. 🙂 Thanks for one of the greatest sounds in history….

    Peace, GG