New Dillinja Song on Instagram – Return of Dillinja?

Dillinja might be releasing new music in 2018
The return of Dillinja?

One of the most inspiring drum & bass producers of all time has posted a video on his Insta live feed of a “New Break on Valve”. Does this signal his return?

Dillinja’s last release was in 2006 – 12 years ago – “The Dillinja E.P.” on Valve Recordings. For a man who is prolific this is quite a stretch. And in the meantime that void has been filled by a new generation of producers.

And so it generated great surprise and excitement that the legend posted this to his insta (click the grey box):

In the video he is sitting inside his Valve Recording Studio. He doesn’t say the track is by himself, but that’s it’s a “new break on Valve” (relating to his record label Valve Recordings).  The fact it’s a “break” and not a track or a song suggests that it has just been made in that studio, could it be by him?

It seems more likely that the track could be by the producer known as “Break”. 

In a world of producers who are too obsessed with selfies when they’re DJing, Dillinja could bring seriousness back to the game if he were to ever step into the ring again. For the meantime, we will continue to enjoy his DJ sets and what appears to be the first new release on Valve Recordings for some time.

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