Nike Air Mag with Power Laces release rumours swell

Nike Air Mag power laces

I can’t believe this actually might be happening.

The Power Laces from Back II The Future seem to be coming. You can just feel it via this trickle of news now picking up pace via three strong Twitter confirms:

Power Laces rumours 2015.

Yes, that’s right – according to Nike PR director Heidi Burgett the Power Laces are real:

I missed the release of the Air Mags the first time around in 2011. I have the money to get some on eBay now, but I held out for the potential October 21 release date this year, blowing my chances of being Marty McFly for Halloween. I won’t give a fuck if they get re-released with Power Laces though! I can then go back in time for Halloween and steal the show.

Just a quick heads up: the elusive Nike Bruins from the original movie are releasing on October 23, Friday, at all Dover Street markets around the world — yes you read that right — the original models.

Check it:

Dover Market Bruins.

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