Russian Music Roast “Top-5 Beatdown” Comedy Show hosted by Johnny Massacre – 109,000 Radio

Time to get roasted

Russia gets roasted – tune in now to comedy podcast “The Top-5 Beatdown” on 109,000 Radio where hosts Johnny Massacre & Luke roast the Russian pop charts.

On Episode I they roasted the Japanese pop charts. Prices of sushi went up, hipsters doubled down on their consumption of their country’s poor imitation of Japanese ramen, and Japanese girls squealed. And tuna went extinct. On Episode II Johnny & Luke fly over the Sea of Japan to roast the Russian pop charts. God knows what will happen in the aftermath. Topics covered due to ADHD include Putin, Japanese gyaru, space capsules, illegible fonts, Russian girls playing hard trance at 9 AM and other shit.

Listen to the episode now on YouTube, subscribe to the podcast version on iTunes here, subscribe directly to the RSS feed in your browser here, or listen to it below.

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