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New Yelawolf Album called Radioactive has cold cover art

The official artwork for Yelawolf's debut album on Shady Records

I first heard this dude on Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot album, and he’s since signed to Eminem’s Shady Records. He’s got nice skills, you can’t really deny that, and I have to say his album artwork tags toes. Fuck Yeah

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Johnny Massacre Album Preview: “Rock Star Rape”

Clip from Johnny M’s first album entitled “Rock Star Rape”. Fuck Yeah

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Debut-Album Diary Pt. IV

Well, I’m in the fucking graveyard, and I’m scratching one of the creepiest guys you will EVER hear (no, not physically touching a body; messing with vinyl) — a guy who is verbally masturbating over a knife, all in the name of my new album. Fuck Yeah

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Free Snippet of Johnny Massacre’s 1st Album

Since @N3XUZ asked so nicely on Twitter, I am giving this free preview of the last track on my album to whoever reads this. Fuck Yeah

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