[Johnny Massacre]

(Hacks up phlegm)

Oh fuck…

[Tiny Japanese Girl]

Eee … Johnny

(In Japanese) What would you like to drink?

[Johnny Massacre]

I don’t understand Japanese I only speak “titties”

(laughs with Japanese G¥ARU)

[Tiny Japanese Girl]

OK sorry … what I meant to say was…

[Johnny Massacre, to Japanese G¥ARU]

Now you … you are hot

[Tiny Japanese Girl]

…“May I get you another drink?”

[Johnny Massacre, interrupted]

Yeah, Spi-ri-tus … hurry the fuck up. Hurry up!

[Tiny Japanese Girl]

Okay …

(To American Barman, in Japanese) Excuse me – give me a double measure of “Spiritus”

[American Barman] 

(In Japanese) ¥1,300.

[Johnny Massacre, exasperated]

Six-thousand miles across the world and I still got bitches on my dick giving me shit (clicks tongue)

[Tiny Japanese Girl, pandering]

What’s the matter, Johnny?

[Johnny Massacre]

(Sighs) Look! Your job is to fuckin’ play with my balls, baby. But since you’ve been such a good girl, I’ll tell you a little something about me. I used to fuckin’ love London, slut!

[Japanese girl 1]

(Being compliant)

Tell me about London…

Make this multiply!
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