[Chuck D]

Ladies and gentlemen, originally the album started off with this song, so originally the album would have started off with this song right here

[Johnny Massacre]

(Clears throat, taps microphone)

Yo … is this shit on?

(Microphone feedback)

Thanks Chuck … er … I’m kind of on the run right now so this is a big fuckin’ risk I’m taking … let’s fucking do it

(DJ Mart Coach scratches)

Bring that TV camera closer



Johnny Massacre!

[Johnny Massacre]

(It’s me)
In the motherfuckin’ hiz-ooowwwww(se)



What’s goin’ on? Where’ve you been all week?

[Johnny Massacre]

I-I-I’ve been to fuckin’ … from Tokyo to Timbuktu motherfucker…

…getting on my screw like butter

OK – oh, oh, OK

Don’t underestimate me because I’m white

[Mart Coach]

He’s got a black sense of humour

[Rachel Ricochet]

And his rhyme’s dynamite

[Johnny Massacre]

Ain’t nothin’ but a J-thing baby, one coked-up wigga goin’ crazy

I’m so addictive like meth

Blowin’ brains like Gabrielle Giffords missing bullet-proof vests … WIGGA!

Massacre! Massacre!

I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m motherfuckin’ READY!

(Silenced pistol shots)

[Mother Massacre]

Hi John, er, just a quick one, er, yeah, I hope, er, you know, the courier will turn up tomorrow because, er, they left another note and, yeah, congratulations, it’s lovely to know that you’re now famous

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